Floor To Ceiling Wine Racks For Retail and Home - Commercial Wine Racks


Our wine racks serve both the elegant display and efficient storage in a single unit making them the perfect solution for restaurants to display their wines. Most establishments hide their wines in the back of the house many times in less-than-optimal situations.

Instead show your patrons your curated and important selection of wine offerings. A striking presentation encourages the purchasing of wine by the bottle. Many private dining rooms are adorned with walls of wine for that very reason.

Wine Racks for Restaurants

Attractive wine storage located in a private dining room inside one of America’s most famous restaurants.

The investment in your restaurant wine selection requires effective storage and prompt sell-through to maximize your opportunities. The wrong wine rack in a seismic location spells catastrophe. Furthermore, do not chance degradation due to overly warm storage, back of house thefts, or slower wine sales by hiding your wines!

Our restaurant wine storage and display racks feature:

  • Highest quality materials for over 45 years.
  • Earthquake friendly storage.
  • Wine racks are easily configured to fit your available space.
  • Single, Double, Triple deep wine storage available.
  • Storage racks arrive fully assembled and ready for placement.
  • Color matching to your décor available.
  • Locking doors available for secure wine storage.
  • Made in the USA.

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Restaurant Wine Displays

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